Digital Marketing Canada™ Ep. 3: Anthony Boyle of HRdownloads

On this episode 3 of Digital Marketing Canada™, I bring on Anthony Boyle, the President & CEO at HRdownloads. HRdownloads is one of Canada’s fastest growing privately held companies, having ranked No. 32 on

Digital Marketing Canada™ Episode 2: Tony Gareri of Roma Moulding

Are you a marketer, executive, or CEO, looking to master the web and grow your revenue? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Digital Marketing Canada™ is a podcast program where each episode I

SEO Series: How to Check Your H1 Heading Tags

Are you a marketer, executive, or CEO and are looking to understand on-site search engine optimization (SEO)? Better yet, do you want to see how your current website measures up, or do you have

CASL Series™: Episode 9 – What Record Keeping Should I do?

(Editor’s note: Episode 9 is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP). Are you a marketer, executive, or CEO of a company and looking to have your company meet the requirements of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law

CASL Series™: Episode 8 – What Are The Rules With Unsubscribe Mechanisms?

(Editor’s note: Episode 8 is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP). tbk Creative recently started the CASL Series which takes the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), and breaks it down into understandable subparts. In today’s video

Digital Marketing Canada™ Episode 1: Paul Pinchbeck of Blue Mountain Resort

If you’re a marketer, executive, or CEO of a medium sized company and are deeply committed to mastering the web and growing your revenue, you’ve come to the right place. At tbk Creative, we’ve

CASL Series™: Episode 7 – What Components Must Be Contained In My CEMs?

(Editor’s note: This episode is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP). Recently, tbk Creative launched The CASL Series™, which is a series of video episodes that help marketers, executives, and CEOs comply with the Canadian

CASL Series™: Episode 6 – What Are The Major Exemptions Under CASL?

(Editor’s note: This episode is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP). Are you a marketer, executive, or CEO of a Canadian company and looking to dramatically elevate your understanding of the Canadian

CASL Series™ Episode 5 – How Do I Gain Implied Consent?

(Editor’s note: This episode is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP). Are you a marketer, executive, or CEO, looking to fully understand the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) and operate powerfully and worry

CASL Series™ Episode 4 – How Do I Gain Express Consent?

(Editor’s note: This CASL Series episode is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP). Are you looking to sort out all the complexities of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) while optimizing your marketing

CASL Series™ Episode 3 – Under what circumstances can I send out a CEM?

(Editor’s note: This CASL Series episode is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP). Are you a marketer, executive, or CEO and still keen to comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law? tbk Creative

Learn From Others, Locally.

Are you a marketer, executive or CEO of a company, looking at examples of how Canadian companies are using the web to grow their brand value and revenue? If so, you’ve come to the

SEO Series: How To Check Your Title Tags

As a marketer, executive, or CEO of a company, have you ever wondered if your website is set up accurately for on-site search engine optimization (SEO)? Do you have an upcoming website project and

CASL Series™ Episode 2 – What Can Trigger a Commercial Electronic Message (CEM)?

(Editor’s note: This CASL Series episode is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP). Are you a marketer, executive or CEO who’s committed to fully understanding CASL and having your company operate efficiently within the rules? If so,

CASL Series™ Episode 1 – What is a CEM and What Mediums Does They Apply To?

(Editor’s note: This CASL Series episode is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP). Are you a marketer, executive, or CEO who is still struggling with some of the aspects of the Canadian

Email Marketing & The Law – What Marketers & CEOs Need to Succeed Under CASL

Are you a marketer, executive, or CEO, and struggling with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)? Are you in a situation where you know your company is still not complying with CASL and unsure of

Web Accessibility & The Law – The 10 Most Common Web Accessibility Issues Address

Are you responsible for web accessibility at your organization or getting involved in the process of making or maintaining barrier free websites? On June 18, 2014, tbk Creative and AODA Online delivered a webinar

Email Marketing & The Law: Maximizing Your Success Under the Canadian Anti-Spam Law

On July 1, 2014, the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) took effect. Many marketers and CEOs are struggling with understanding all the relevant scenarios this legislation applies to and how best to structure their marketing

Catch Up on the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) In Fewer Than 500 Words

Editor’s Note: This information is educational material written by marketers for marketers. A lawyer has been consulted in the preparation of this material, but you should not treat this material as legal advice and


  On July 1, 2014, the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) comes into effect. It’s being considered by many to be the most stringent privacy law enacted by any country in the world. At

Web Accessibility & The Law

(This article and webinar was sponsored by AODA Online, an enterprise level web accessibility and monitoring software built in Ontario. To conduct a free 25-page scan or book a demo visit, visit In

Digital Discoveries: Strategies to End 2013 with Online Business Success

This morning, I was honoured to co-lead a digital marketing event with tbk Creative’s Shockley Au for the London Chamber of Commerce, entitled Digital Discoveries: Strategies to End 2013 With Online Business Success. You

Why Website Projects Fail: (Part 2) 15 Factors That Will Cost or Earn You Thousands of Dollars

Did you tune in for Part 1 of this insightful webinar series about preventing or recovering from website failure but didn’t get a chance to catch Part 2? Did you join us during the live event

Hot-for-Profit: Our Secret to Growing Our Clients Through Web Presence

Today, tbk Creative was named one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Startups in the 14th Annual PROFIT HOT 50. We’re pretty excited. Usually it’s our clients who are thrust into the spotlight for their marketing

Why Website Projects Fail: (Part 1) 15 Factors That Will Cost or Earn You Thousands of Dollars

Has your business or personal online venture ever become the tragic victim of website failure? If you’re one of the lucky ones that has triumphed over the standard tribulations of website creation, can you

Cool Tips for Hot Leads: How to Measure & Maximize Your Website ROI

Are you a business with a clear understanding of how your website can be one of your greatest assets? Do you know exactly what the current return on investment (ROI) is of your company’s

Creating More Revenue Through Understanding The Science of Leads

Most businesses want to generate more leads from their website. Considering your website likely generates over 10x more visitors than your office space (and likely >4x more than your retail stores) this commitment has

Cool Tips for Hot Leads: How to Measure & Maximize Your Website ROI

Are you a business with a clear understanding of how your website can be  one of your greatest assets? Do you know exactly what the current return on investment (ROI) is of your company’s

E-mail Marketing and The Law: Your Questions Answered

In 2010, a new Canadian privacy act was passed that may change how businesses market digitally. For short, the act is called the Canadian Anti-Spam Act. Fitting to its complexity, the act is made up

Email Marketing and the Law: Tips to Succeed in a Tougher Legal Landscape

Are you a small, medium or large business that regularly distributes e-mail marketing campaigns? If you’re not aware of the new law (short for “Canadian Anti-Spam Act”), that will soon come into effect, it could

13 Questions to Ask a Web Vendor

If your interest was piqued when you first saw the title of this (free!) e-guide, there’s a good chance that you: a)    Have hopes of bringing your brand online in the most effective way

E-mail Marketing and The Law: Your Questions Answered

In 2010, a new Canadian privacy act was passed that may change how businesses market digitally. For short, the act is called the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL). Fitting to its complexity, the act is made

Email Marketing and the Law: Tips to Succeed in a Tougher Legal Landscape

Are you a small, medium or large business that regularly distributes e-mail marketing campaigns? If you’re not aware of the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), that will soon come into effect, it could cost

How to Wake Up 2 Hours Earlier Than You Do Now

Do you have a sleeping problem? My goal is to fix it in this article with an unorthodox approach. But fix it I will. If you were to interview most very successful people, they

3 Secrets to Creating Canada’s Happiest Company and Exploding in Growth While Doing It

I recently had the honour of creating a marketing webinar with Tony Gareri, the CEO at Roma Moulding. Roma Moulding is one of the world’s largest picture framing companies (having 4 North American offices

Understanding the 6 Guidelines to Running Compliant Facebook Promotions

Have you ever thought about running a Facebook promotional contest but don’t know how to do it correctly? There are a lot of considerations before making the jump. The first is ensuring your Facebook

How Canadian Athletes Use Social Media [Infograph]

The London 2012 Olympics promised (by many) to be the social media games. It was reported by Twitter Inc. that leading up to the Olympics, more tweets were sent out each day regarding the

99% Of What You Need To Know About Photos in Facebook

The secret is getting out: If you want to optimize your Facebook marketing, you have to know how to properly leverage photos to the maximum. In a recent tbk Creative corporate page study of

The Real Secret & Future Of Facebook Tabs

According to social media analytics firm, PageLever, and as reported by Mashable, Facebook tab engagement is down 53% since the launch of the new Facebook TimeLine. Back on March 14, I wrote the article, The

What You Have In Common With Fleas & Elephants

By nature of being a human being, you and I have more in common with fleas and elephants than meets the eye. Last night, my friend Rod Gallagher (Financial Security Advisor at Freedom 55

60 Days Since Facebook Timeline: An Analytical Review

It’s been nearly 60 days since the launch of the new Corporate Facebook Timeline. Around this time, Facebook began revealing more information about its News Feed algorithm, EdgeRank, and began providing more analytical data

Social Media Marketing Webinar With

Ashely Hall, the Social Media Manager at & I got into a great social media conversation on a webinar tbk Creative hosted yesterday. I wanted to bring Ashley on a call to knowledge

The Results: Canada's $25,000 Website Charity Challenge

Compared to businesses, charities have it tough. They have missions that are arguably more important than any corporate board room, but usually lack the economics to have their missions be realized. The quality of

tbk Creative Wins National Digital Marketing Award

On Monday, March 26, tbk Creative and our client, Siskinds LLP, were recognized with a national digital marketing award through the Internet Advertising Awards (Web Marketing Association) for our social media campaign, Take Your

Fleming Drive Riot: Your Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Many Fanshawe students are moping around this week, complaining to their friends and family about how Fanshawe College’s brand is tarnished. Their concern: “My employment ability once I graduate has suffered.” There is absolutely,

The Future State Of The Static Welcome Page

I see an interesting quandary and one that isn’t probably going to get sorted out until post March 30. I’m trying to understand the value Static Welcome Pages will have after Facebook introduces the

A Hyperlocal Twitter Case Study

Twitter isn’t as popular for running marketing campaigns. You’re more limited in that you essentially have 140 characters to ignite the effort. Most of tbk Creative’s work has been focused on facilitating Facebook and

The Core Notes On The New Corporate Facebook Pages

Today, Facebook unveiled its plans for the future of Corporate Facebook Pages. We can all breath a sigh of relief with the news and gear up for an exciting digital and social future. If

The Story Of The Man That Cold Called Me

Yesterday, I receive a cold call from a local mortgage broker. His name is Craig Pritchard. If you’ve ever tried cold calling, you know it can be nerve racking. You must deal with unlimited

The 10 Essential Components of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

When it comes to social media planning, most don’t like to do it. Either because they don’t know how to, or because they don’t like to. I can’t help with the latter, but I hope this

Is Social Media Making People More Vulgar?

A storm of media attention picked up after I published the blog article, Canada’s Most Vulgar Cities on Twitter. You can read the Huffington Post article here and watch the CTV London news segment

Canada’s Most Vulgar Cities on Twitter [Infograph]

tbk Creative recently aggregated over 1,000,000 tweets with the goal of learning where the practice of vulgarity happens most in Canada on Twitter. Feel free to share this infograph as you wish. Behold, the

Wikipedia Going Black

 This entry is written by Paul MacLean, a Sr. Programmer and the Duke of Digital Strategy at tbk Creative. On January 18th, Wikipedia, Mozilla and a host of other sites are going black. So,

8 Ideas Worth Standing For

These are 8 ideas I’ve picked up along my travels through life.  I’ve learned these lessons/principles the hard way because I’ve broken every one of them at different times. I now know these are

The Coolest Thing I Saw In Whistler B.C.

In a valuable, thought-triggering blog entry last week by Mitch Joel (President at Toronto & Montreal-based, Twist Image), he described a question he often uses that requires an avant guard-type response. The question is:

A 2011 tbk Creative Year In Review

Well, we come to the end of another year. For tbk Creative, this marks the completion of our second year in business as a web design & social marketing agency. Here are 7 things

The State of London Ontario on Twitter – December (Infograph)

Each month, tbk Creative reports on the State of London Ontario on Twitter in the London Free Press. If you want to read the LFP article, click here. After aggregating and analyzing nearly 10,000

Infograph: Canada’s Happiest Cities on Twitter

tbk Creative aggregated over 1 million tweets across Canada’s largest 15 cities to determine what Canadian cities appear to be the happiest on Twitter. We want to thank the Toronto Star, CBC Nova Scotia,

Is Twitter Changing Law Enforcement?

An up and coming reporter, Dale Carruthers, wrote a popular editorial last week in the London Free Press titled, Drivers use Twitter to give cops the bird. This story started when Carruthers observed a

Infograph: State of Occupy Canada on Twitter

In October and November, thousands of Canadians took to Twitter to discuss the Occupy movement across Canada. I remember that when Occupy London tents were being taken down by Police and City Staff at

The State of Toronto on Twitter

This month, I decided to aggregate over 400,000 tweets in a 30 day period that contained the term “Toronto” to generalize the state and behaviour of Toronto on Twitter. The Toronto Star reported some

Client Express for November

Once per month, I step away from writing about web design, social media, and digital marketing, and use this blog as a medium to share some of the accomplishments tbk Creative’s clients have made

So, What’s Your Problem?

You have problems. I have problems. Many of our grandparents (and some, their parents) had a problem too. Their problem was that they were entering battlefields to protect our families and our nation and

Twitter Did Not Bless London Ontario

#ldnont is the hashtag many users use to associate their tweets to London, Ontario. The logic is simple and one of great empathy for our beautiful city: If you want to follow the happenings

Client Express for October

Each month, tbk Creative runs a blog series that highlights key accomplishments our clients are having, ground their making, and stories worth sharing. Some of what they do is down right captivating. Here’s this

The "Like War" May Be Over

In 2010 and much of 2011, corporations focused on building large communities on their Facebook pages. Coca-Cola has 34 million fans; Starbucks has 25 million fans. Some in the marketing world has referred to

I Failed As A Social Media Practitioner

I have a confession to make. Last night, I failed as a social media practitioner. The picture you’re looking at wasn’t caused by a brick, a large rock, or even an act of God.

Social Media Synchronicity

If you’re an entrepreneur or communications manager, you may be at a stage where you understand the basics of Facebook, and Twitter and use them. You might have even been courageous and started a

tbk Creative's Client Express for September

Welcome to September! Each month, tbk Creative connects in with some of our clients to find out what accomplishments and initiatives they have on the go. As you’re about to read, many of them

8 Ways Brands Can Use Social Media

Although most brands want to learn how to use social media to create new customers and unlock revenue growth (it’s easiest to get a budget for that), here is a more comprehensive look at

Mayor Joe Fontana & Fake Twitter Accounts

[Andrew's Editor notes: Since the writing of this article, @MayorFontana has changed the communications on his twandle to be clear it is a fake account and not run by Mayor Joe Fontana.] Metro London

Social Media: The Power Is Within

In doing strategic marketing work with brands almost daily (I’m including weekends), I see a common misconception about what it takes to make social media marketing successful. I want to dispel this misconception, right

Video: Get Unborified

Most brands don’t do social media well, yet. They’re too boring. Thankfully, I have a solution (that’s easier said than done), but works nonetheless. It’s called Unborification. Don’t be confused by this term. Getting

Video: Best Use Of Facebook

How do you balance Facebook for personal vs. professional use? I get asked this personal branding question a lot these days. Here is my 2-minute answer delivered at the Planning & Managing Your Web

Video: The Secret Sauce of Social Media Marketing

On July 20, 2011, I delivered a social media marketing keynote at the Planning and Managing Your Web Identity Conference in London Ontario, hosted by Tecumseh Community Development Corporation. During the talk, I shared

Why I Don't Care About Google+ (Yet)

There’s a lot of buzz about Google+, all these experts proclaiming how good it is. I really don’t care (yet). It’s called Metcalfe’s Law. According to Wikipedia, Metcalfe’s Law occurs when, “the value of

Your Life, Round II Has Arrived

Conversations. Social media is a conversation. In fact, the whole internet is one big conversation. Further, it could be said your life is nothing but a network of conversations. Or arguably just one conversation.

tbk Creative's Client Express For August

Stem Legal recently included a

Social Media: Getting Fans on Facebook

Are you dissatisfied with the number of fans on your company’s page? If so, this article is for you. Let’s skyrocket the number. Here’s the three areas you want to look from immediately:

Digital Law Interview With David Canton

David Canton (business lawyer at Harrison Pensa, and blogger at eLegal) and I recently got the privilege of speaking at the Tecumseh Community Development Corporation “Planning and Managing Your Web Identity” conference in London

Confused By Digital Marketing?

You should be. The whole corporate communications world has become complex. Fragmentation is what’s occurring. Consumers don’t just listen to radio, read newspapers/magazines, watch TV, and drive by billboards/bus benches. They now do a

Social Media: Two Secrets to Meeting Someone Online

The sky is the limit now. Enough with this spending a couple grand going to a conference in hopes of meeting the person you want to meet (although fun). I suggest you meet them

Inappropriate Posts and What To Do

If you manage growing a brand using social media, this post applies to you. This article will be a little more serious in nature (from my normal posts), because it’s a serious topic and

The Secret Sauce Of Social Media

This article appears in Business London magazine’s London Chamber of Commerce Voice of Business column (July issue). When I was asked to speak at the London Chamber of Commerce on the topic of social

What's The Worst That Can Happen?

That’s what I ask clients when they are scared to use social media, open up their brand, and become more social. Yes, it’s true that social media allows negative reviews to scale and touch

6 Unconventional Actions To Get A Job

You may want a job. If so, I want to help you get it. This article is for you if you’re applying for any type of communications position such as social media manager, digital

Social Media, Magnets, Kettles, & You

On Monday, I visited a UWO Continuing Studies Public Relations & Corporate Communications class (my friend Julia Michienzi from Richard Ivey School of Business is the professor) to answer questions students have about what

There's No Excuse Not To Be Great

There’s no excuse not to be great. There used to be. The internet has changed all this though. Let me explain. I grew up in a small city called St. Thomas Ontario. In my

Social Media Interview With

Last week I did a short interview with Social Media Manager, Ashley Rose Hall. has become one of London’s business success stories. What their website does is match businesses with professional voice

Leading London

I thought you’d be interested in reading about this unique marketing project. Mike Vander Vloet & Sarah Poirier Vander Vloet are real estate representatives with Realty Executives Elite Ltd. Brokerage based in London Ontario.

Brands Are Fighting Back (Finally)

In the last several years, consumers have gained a lot of control. From the GAP rebranding outcry (and consequent brand reversal), to the Chevy Tahoe social media campaign failure of 2006, all the way

Are You Looking For A Date?

Consumers are now publishers. This isn’t so bad for smart and bold companies looking to gain greater brand equity, customers, and sales despite this communications renaissance. The reason I believe is simple: businesses are

Is A Man's Dignity Worth $100?

I was challenged with this question about an hour ago. I was driving around London Ontario running errands when I came across a man standing in the middle of an intersection with a sign

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